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    About 10th&12th

    Degree Full Form Duration Eligibility
    SSC Senior Secondary Certificate 1 years NA
    HSC Higher Secondary Certificate 1 years NA

    What is Online and Distance Education for 10th & 12th Boards?

    Completing 10th and 12th education is a crucial milestone for students, paving the way for higher studies and career paths. Online and distance education for 10th and 12th Boards offers flexibility, affordability, and quality education without the constraints of traditional classroom settings.

    Benefits of Online & Distance Education for 10th & 12th Boards:

    1. Flexibility: Online learning allows students to study at their own pace and convenience, making it easier to manage other commitments.
    2. Affordability: Distance education programs often cost less than traditional schooling, making quality education more accessible to a wider range of students.
    3. Comprehensive Learning: Online platforms offer interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and personalized support, enhancing the learning experience.
    4. Diverse Career Opportunities: Completing 10th and 12th education through online or distance mode opens up various career paths and higher education options.
    5. Top-quality Education: Many reputable institutions offer online and distance education programs, ensuring students receive a high-quality education from the comfort of their homes.

    Key Features of Online and Distance Education for 10th & 12th Boards:

    1. Skill Development: Online education fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills essential for future success.
    2. Career Readiness: Completing 10th and 12th education through online or distance mode prepares students for diverse career opportunities and further studies.
    3. Cost-effectiveness: Online and distance education programs are often more affordable than traditional schooling, saving students and their families money.
    4. Access to Top Institutions: Students can enroll in courses offered by top 10th and 12th Board distance education universities without the need to relocate or commute.

    10th&12th Subjects

    Two Row Table
    Language subjects Non Language subjects
    Hindi Mathematics*
    English Home Science*
    Urdu Psychology*
    Sanskrit Geography
    Bengali Economics
    Odia Business Studies
    Punjabi Physics*
    Kannada History
    Malayalam Environmental Science*
    Tamil Chemistry*
    Telugu Political Science
    Gujarati Biology*
    Marathi Accountancy
    Introduction to Law
    Computer Science*
    Physical Education and Yoga*

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