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    Degree Full Form Duration Eligibility
    Master Master in Law 2 years Graduation

    What is LLM? 

    LLM stands for Master of Laws. It is a postgraduate degree that allows you to study law in more depth than a bachelor’s degree, which involves learning the theory behind legislation and how it applies in practice.

    There are different types of LLM degrees available, depending on what aspect of the law you want to learn about. Some focus on legislative laws or statutes, while others concentrate on case studies or legal research methods. The course may also be called an MA (Master’s in Law), MSc (Master’s in Science) or LLB (Legal Practice).

    Why LLM? 

    There are several reasons why LLM courses are considered to be the most sought-after courses in the legal field.

    • There are more opportunities available in this field than any other with great pay packages as well as job security;
    • The career options are wide and diverse with ample opportunities to specialize based on your preferences;
    • You learn how laws function and get an insight into their development over time, which provides you with an edge when making decisions based on them;
    • The LLM course also provides you with an opportunity to develop important skills like critical thinking and logical reasoning, which can help you make better decisions in your career and life. 
    • You are provided with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles that can be applied in the field of law, business, education, and even politics. 

    Who Should Pursue LLM?

    • If you are looking for a career in the legal profession, then LLM is the right option for you. It helps to qualify as an attorney and become an expert in specific areas of law. The course also provides comprehensive knowledge about other areas like tax laws, business laws, etc.
    • If you want to pursue teaching as a career, then LLM can help you build excellent communication skills along with subject-specific knowledge and expertise. Many universities provide placement opportunities for students who have completed their master’s degree program or have completed their doctorate program (Ph.D.).
    • LLM graduates find employment in various fields such as research institutes, NGOs, and governments where they contribute to society by providing advice on legislative matters based on their expertise obtained through this course curriculum
    Specialization of LLM Course
    Criminal law Environmental law Human rights law
    Taxation law Labour law

    Career Opportunities After LLM

    The career options after graduating with a Distance LLM degree are endless. Students can choose to specialize in the area that most interests them, and after finishing their degree, they’ll be eligible to work in the field they are interested in.