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Elevate your career with an online MBA. Hone your leadership and management skills, and open doors to high-level positions in today’s dynamic business world.

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    About Online & Distance MBA

    Degree Full Form Duration Eligibility
    Master Master of Business Administration 2 years Graduation

    What are Online MBA Course Distance Learning Programs?

    The MBA in Online and Distance Program in India is available in Three Primary Modes; Distance Learning, regular, and Online. Online and Distance MBA is basically a 2-year flexible Postgraduate Program, known as a Business Administrative Master Degree in which you don’t need to attend daily Classes. So, if you’re among Students with no time to apply for a regular Post-Graduation MBA, You Can Apply for the Distance Learning Online MBA Program.

    Benefits of Online & Distance MBA Courses

    1. Tech-friendly Studying

    When you take a regular MBA course, you have no option to take a virtual class. However, with Online MBA Course in India, you can study online in any case, eliminating the need to buy heavy books as the institute offers reading material and online notes. 

    2. Low Cost

    The fees of regular MBA courses are undoubtedly high and not everybody can afford to pay such a huge amount. That’s where online and distance MBA courses come into play as the fees here are low and affordable for almost anyone.

    3. Flexible Study

    What’s better than handling your study and class schedule as per your convenience? Classes at Part Time Distance / Correspondence in MBA are prefixed and happen to a certain schedule, which allows you to reschedule any class you skip.  

    Key Features of Online & Distance MBA

    Some of the key features of pursuing online & distance MBA are:

    • Offers flexibility of time & pace over regular MBA.
    • It’s a cost-effective higher education option.
    • Greatly benefited from the rise of communication & education technology.
    • Updated & industry-relevant curriculum.
    • By taking the Online & Distance MBA Course, you will improve both your personal and professional productivity through the development of communication and management skills.
    • The entrance exam is not required for distance or online learning courses, but some Universities conduct the entrance exam for MBA.
    • You can further enhance your career prospects by pursuing an MBA Course.
    • Online and distance MBA programs are divided into 4 semesters over two years of study. This course can be completed in 4 years through Distance and Online learning. 
    • In order to apply for an MBA, Candidates need a bachelor’s degree in any field. 
    • UGC – DEB has approved the Online and Distance MBA program in Management, and its value is comparable to other MBA courses in the market.
    Specialization of MBA Course
    HR Management Finance Management Marketing Management
    IT Management Banking Management International Marketing
    Healthcare Management Project Management Operation & Production
    Business Analytics Financial Planning & Analysis Branding & Advertising
    Strategic Management

    Career Opportunities After MBA

    The career options after graduating with a Distance MBA degree are endless. Students can choose to specialize in the area that most interest them, and after finishing their degree, they’ll be eligible to work in the field they are interested in.