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Elevate your career with an online M.Com. Hone your leadership and management skills, and open doors to high-level positions in today’s dynamic business world.

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    About Online & Distance M.Com

    Degree Full Form Duration Eligibility
    Master Master of Commerce 2 years Graduation

    The Masters of Commerce (MCom) is a postgraduate course that is ideal for those who want to work in banking and financial services (BFSI) and accounting and commerce. M.Com distance education focuses on how the economy works, capital, revenues, trade, taxes, etc., that are taught in B.Com.

    What is an Online & Distance M.Com?

    Master of Commerce or M.Com, is a two-year postgraduate course for candidates looking to pursue careers in accounting, banking, investments, financial services, and marketing; as one of the most versatile courses in India, going for MCom distance education admission allows students to work in almost every sector of the economy. A major sector that employs MCom graduates from the economy is the insurance sector, estimated to be USD 1 Trillion by 2025.

    Benefits of Online & Distance M.Com Course 

    • New Job opportunities: A MCom degree will provide better job opportunities in the future. In the next 8-10 years, it is expected that the Banking and Financial Service Industry (BFSI) will hire over 8 million graduates.
    • No Age Bar to Learn: there is an age bar to pursue a MCom degree, so you can take admission in one of the top colleges in India offering distance M.Com.
    • Learn while you Earn:For an online MCom degree, you just have to enroll yourself in the course without leaving your current job. This way, you can upgrade your education qualification without breaking your source of income. 

    Key Features of Online & Distance M.Com:

    • Due to the financial benefits MCom courses provide to candidates, a degree in MCom is cheaper than a degree in MBA or PGDM. 
    • MCom courses are offered in different modes, and there is a wide range of specializations, so candidates can find their niche among various industries.
    • It includes several topics related to organizational and human resource management. 
    • Online M.Com programscurriculum is designed to equip candidates with skills in handling money, growing a business, planning strategies to tide over difficult situations.
    Specialization of M.Com Course
    Accounting & Finance International Finance Professional Accounting & Finance

    Career Opportunities After M.Com

    The career options after graduating with a Distance M.Com degree are endless. Students can choose to specialize in the area that most interest them, and after finishing their degree, they’ll be eligible to work in the field they are interested in.